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Social Bookmarks Plugin for Serendipity

I've finally decided to release a first version of my social bookmarks plugin for the Serendipity weblog software that powers this blog. It's based on the existing plugin, but works with the,, and services, too. It's even possbile to display the respective tags of each bookmark in your linkroll. This feature is only useful if you installed the freetag plugin, though ... Forgot to mention that my plugin tries to conform to the Microformat xFolk (RC1).

So, if you're interested in this plugin, please download it, install it, and - most important - test drive it. Any feedback, suggestions, or feature requests will be welcome, just add them to this thread or send me a message.

You can see the plugin in action here if you scroll down a little. The download page is here (German only, English version soon).

Have fun, and keep the comments coming ;-)