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Collective Improvisation #20

Martin Weigert schreibt bei darüber, wie sich sein Musikkonsum in den vergangenen acht Jahren komplett gewandelt hat. Vom festplattenfüllenden MP3-Jäger wurde er innerhalb kurzer Zeit zum überzeugten Streaming-Nutzer. Ging wir fast exakt genauso. Ich sollte meine kurze Geschichte des Musikhörens am Computer mal wieder aktualisieren …

DJ Mitsu The Beats über J Dilla:

I have never been influenced so much by music in my life, and probably never will be. Until then, I strived to create music without being influenced by anyone, but by recognizing him and becoming a captive of his worldview, there was no way to escape his influence. His extremely tight drums were made without relying on quantization, and his use of sine waves for bass and layering filtered samples was incredible. He had a distinctive utilization of space, and seemingly rough but delicate style.

[via nutriot]

Robin Williams † 11.08.2014 O captain! my Captain!