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Worldwide Festival - Day 4
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Now that I'm back in cold, rainy Germany, it's easy to reminisce about the sunny, blissful days we had in Sète. Sunday was a blast. I spent about twelve hours at the beach, listening to one great DJ after another, sipping on the excellent rosé wine, dancing in the water, meeting beautiful people, grooving on the beach, enjoying the sun, and all in all having one of the best days in my life! It's hard to pick any highlight because the whole day was so great I didn't even return to the hotel to eat something as I had intended. I just stayed there at the beach and had a wonderful time :-) As promised, I uploaded a bunch of pictures to a Flickr album, I hope you enjoy my impressions from the South of France. Oh, and before I forget it, Lefto has of course also blogged about the fourth day of the festival, including a video.

Worldwide Festival - Day 3

After catching up on some sleep, we warmed up on the beach once again. This definitely is a great location, even if the sky's a little bit cloudy. When it was time to move towards the Théatre De La Mer, many people simply kept on dancing to the music - of course, nobody wants to leave a party that has only just begun. Anyway, on our way we stopped for an half hour at Raphael's trailer for a beer or two. Then it was Mocky time. So beautiful, the band had so much fun on the stage, even given the fact that the audience was very small at the beginning. But people kept pouring in, and when Gilles demanded to hear "that whistling tune" ("Birds Of A Feather" from Mocky's new album Saskamodie) again, everybody was happy. Especially with a perfect view of the Mediterranean like we had.

Jimi Tenor afterwards gave the last show at the Théatre for this year's edition of the Worldwide Festival with his smashing Afrobeat performance. People were dancing in front of the band like crazy. Once in a while I had to climb the stairs towards the upper ranks of the amphitheatre to enjoy the gorgeous view you have from up there. We didn't move directly to the lighthouse afterwards but returned to the trailer once more for a beer. There, we also met with Elan Mehler (who got a beer, too, of course); he's such a nice guy! We should meet him again later when Laurent Garnier broke it down after Fulgeance and a sensational set from Jazzanova's Alex Barck. I missed the last act of the day, Boozig, because I had to get me some french fries at the restaurant close to the venue - that's where I not only met some more German guys, but where Jimi Tenor satisfied his appetite for fries with lots of mayonnaise ;-)

As always, I'd like to recommend Lefto's account of what happened the day as well as his excellent video coverage of the events:

Worldwide Festival - Day 2

Sebastien Schuller
Sébastien Schuller

The second day at Sète will be hard to beat. After relaxing at the beach with some beers, good music, and very nice people (cheers, Karl!), one highlight chased the other. First, Elan Mehler and Adam McBride-Smith kicked it off at the Théatre de La Mer which really is a magic place - a stage seemingly hovering over the Mediterranean sea. Their gig was so good it brought me close to tears ;-) Next up came Sébastien Schuller with his cinematic soundscapes and a voice reminding me of Thom Yorke. After these two relaxing sets, it was the mighty Soil & "Pimp" Sessions from Japan who made everybody jump to their feet and dance. So powerful, an overwhelming experience!

Then we all moved to the Phare du Mole once again, where we arrived after a little snack just in time to witness probably one of the most memorable sets ever. Dorian Concept from Vienna was killing it big time, even when the rain set in after some minutes. Everybody kept dancing until at once the lights went out, and the music, too. For five minutes, it seemed that the rain had won, but after it was over, Dorian Concept continued with full force, followed by an equally energetic set bei Dubstep wizard Martyn. Carl Craig put the finishing touches to a perfect evening.

Once again, Lefto wrapped it all up in a video:



I'm off to the beach right now, but will add some fotos soon!

Worldwide Festival - Day 1


First of all, this blog post will be in English because I haven't met anyone from Germany so far. Worldwide Festival goers seem to come mainly from France and Britain. I know, there must be some German speaking people around, but I haven't found them yet. That said, I'm still revcovering from last night with the wonderful Emilie ChickBeatspoke, with Principles of Geometry, Theo Parrish, and Diplo.

So, I skipped yesterday's warm-up party at the beach because I have a beach right here across the street. Could hear the beats, though. Everything seems to be in walking distance, great! After stuffin myself with delicious French food, I went to the lighthouse at the mole of Sète where one stage of the festival is set. Arrived just in time to experience the last moments of Emilie Chick'sBeatspoke - they finished with a beautiful cover version of Fat Freddy's Drop's "Cay's Crays"

After that, Principles of Geometry gave us their interpretation of French electro funk or whatever, but that's not exactly my kind of music. First couple of songs rocked, but the remainder of the set jut didn't work for me. Theo Parrish lifted everyone up, but then some of his hardware - mixer? - stopped working. The otherwise excellent sound system couldn't compensate for that, the mood dropped instantly. I guess his set would've been excellent without the technical problems, but whatever. I got to know some funny people in the meantime.

If anyone was a little tired by then, Diplo woke everyone up with his distinct, in-the-face beats; his style brings you to feet and keeps you moving. Easily the best set of the night. And because you should get out while the going's good, I left after a while. Missed Stereotyp, but sometimes you just can't have it all. Was a wonderful night nevertheless. And I'm excited about what today will bring: Elan Mehler, Soil & "Pimp" Sessions, Dorian Concept, and Martyn, to name just a few.

Pics will follow, gotta go to the beach now ;-) Also check Lefto's pics and video:

Update: I removed Emily Chick's name above and replaced it with Beatspoke - please check them both out! Plus I added some pics :-)

Worldwide Festival 2009

In ziemlich genau vier Wochen beginnt das vierte Worldwide Festival im südfranzösischen Städtchen Sète. Neben dem Garden Festival in Kroatien und dem Big Chill ist dieses Festival mit Sicherheit eins der Highlights des Sommers. Das Line-Up ist vom Feinsten: Theo Parrish, Diplo, Martyn, Carl Craig, Soil & "Pimp" Sessions, Jimi Tenor, Jazzanova, Laurent Garnier, Shuya Okino, Michael Rütten und natürlich Earl Zinger und Gilles Peterson himself werden unter anderem am Start sein. Einen kleinen Vorgeschmack (*sabber*) liefert das folgende Video:

Das Festival hat auch einen Eintrag bei und eine Veranstaltungsseite bei Facebook, wo sich immerhin schon ein paar Menschen angemeldet haben. Wenn der eine oder andere, der diese Zeilen liest, ebenfalls hinfährt, würde ich mich sehr freuen, wenn ihr hier im Blog einen Kommentar hinterlasst oder euch via Facebook oder meldet. Wäre doch schön, wenn sich ein paar Gleichgesinnte an den Gestaden des Mittelmeers "Hallo" sagen könnten, oder? Klar, die Tickets sind nicht ganz billig, und es kommt auch noch die Anreise dazu, aber Dank Ryanair (Montpellier!) halten sich die Kosten in Grenzen. Ich kann's jedenfalls kaum erwarten ;-)

Pre Christmas Goodies

Download Teasergrafik

Weihnachten steht vor der Tür, die Weihnachtsfeier der Firma heute Abend an, da ist es doch passed, wenn ich noch ein paar musikalische Schmankerln verlinke, oder? Ein 140-minütiges Set von Broken Beat-Altmeister Domu steht hier bereit domu_ooft.mp3 . Aufgenommen wurde im Glasgower OOFT!, wie bei Here Comes Treble zu lesen ist. Morgen ist Domu dann im Mainzer Red Cat zu Gast und wird ein ähnlich gutes Set abliefern, denke ich.

Des Weiteren möchte ich endlich mal hinweisen auf den Netaudio-Adventskalender des Phlow Magazine. Hinter jedem Türchen stellen Netlabel-Betreiber, Musiker, Blogger usw. ihre Top 5-Songs, -Releases und -Netlabels des Jahres 2007 vor. Angeleiert wurde die Aktion von mo. (hier findet ihr seine persönlichen Jahrescharts), der sich mal wieder als eine treibende Kraft in der Netaudio-Szene präsentiert. Der Adventskalender ist eine wahre Fundgrube, öffnet einfach mal ein paar Türchen.

Zu guter Letzt präsentiert Gilles Peterson wie jedes Jahr seine Worldwide Winners, seine Top 25 Alben des Jahres (plus die fünf besten Jazzplatten). Wer den Mann kennt, der dürfte von der Auswahl nicht überrascht sein; nichtsdestotrotz sind keine Ausfälle dabei, die Sendung kann man genüsslich von Anfang bis Ende durchhören: gilles_peterson-worldwide-sat-12-20-2007-newmixes.mp3 .